The Absolute Best 2020 Valentine’s Gift for Your Wife

Having been married for several years and having been blogging about essential oils for years, I can combine the two experiences to recommend the best Valentine’s Day gift in 2020.

You might be asking:  What’s the best Valentine’s gift for my wife? The absolute best Valentine’s gift for your wife is a collection of essential oils and an essential oil diffuser. 

Valentine’s Day Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids that are extracted from various plants. True essential oils are created through the process of distillation, which helps the oil to retain the plant’s essence, or its scent and flavor. Essential oils are considered “volatile” compounds. Volatility simply refers to how readily a substance vaporizes; essential oils evaporate easily, and therefore are volatile.

The chemical compounds in essential oils react with your body’s inner workings and systems in different ways. For instance, inhaling an oil’s aroma stimulates the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that controls emotions, long-term memories, behaviors, and the sense of smell. 

Most often, essential oils are used for aromatherapy, in which the oil’s aroma is inhaled, but they offer many other benefits and can be used in other ways. An oil can also be applied topically, while a few are even safe to ingest. 

Continuous research shows that essential oils can also have medicinal benefits when the chemical compounds are absorbed into the bloodstream. 

Essential oils can be used for just about anything, from healing bug bites to alleviating symptoms of various diseases.

A major use for essential oils, though, is actually for relieving anxiety. One of the most common forms of anxiety is caused by normal stress, and it’s something everyone struggles with from time to time.

Essential oils can be incredibly helpful for alleviating feelings of daily stress you might get before a presentation or while dealing with finances. They can also be used in conjunction with medication to help treat diagnosed anxiety disorders.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Setting

So imagine a Valentine’s Day romantic evening with you and your wife.  The scents from essential oil diffuser make for a calm and soothing.  The perfumed air has hints of Bergamot, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Lavender.  You’ve cracked open a nice bottle of wine, and some jazz plays in the background.

  • Bergamot oil comes from Bergamot oranges. Studies have shown that Bergamot helps to relieve anxiety and improve mood.
  • Clary sage oil is extracted from the flowering herb that is native to the Mediterranean Basin. The oil has a woody, herbal oil. Because of its soothing properties, clary sage is often used as an aphrodisiac.
  • Jasmine oil comes from the flower and has a very light, floral scent. Jasmine is known to promote a sense of well-being. What is great about jasmine is that it calms the nervous system without causing drowsiness, unlike many other remedies used for anxiety.
  • Lavender is by far one of the most useful essential oils for anxiety and is a staple in aromatherapy. It contains linalool, which has a sedative effect, and helps relax muscles, lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, and increase circulation.

This setting will allow both of you to de-stress, relax and reconnect.

Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

The Absolute Best 2020 Valentine’s Gift for Your Wife?

Essential oils, with the accompanying diffuser.  Personal? Check.  Budget-friendly? Check.  Sent to your home in time for the holiday?  Romantic? Check.  

It’s a no brainer.  The absolute best 2020 Valentine’s gift for your wife is her very own collection of essential oils.  

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